04Additional services

GedTrans is a document management platform that brings together the collection, verification and tracking of the legal documents (company registration certificate, transport licence, insurance certificate, URSSAF declaration, ISO certifications, Qualimat, etc.). GedTrans supports subcontractors in sharing their documents with their customers. The platform also enables principals to manage their supplier compliance and to comply with their legal and regulatory obligations (due diligence, standard transport contract, supplier quality).

The principal is obliged to collect and check the legal documents of its subcontractors when the contract is signed and on a regular basis throughout the contract.

B2PWeb works with Gedtrans

In 2015, B2PWeb decided to strengthen its service by using the GedTrans solution. On the one hand, by entrusting it with collecting, overseeing and updating the 3 mandatory documents for its customers (Licence, Registration Certificate, Insurance). And on the other hand, by giving its subscribers the possibility to access the GedTrans service from B2PWeb to simplify and secure exchanges.

  • Transmission of their own documents
  • Verification of charterers’ documents